Libricide (2015) Album Cover JPG.jpg

 Libricide is a modern progressive rock/fusion band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Formed in 2013, their music transcends and is influenced by many genres including elements of rock, pop, progressive, metal, acoustic, and electronica and incorporates visual elements to bring about a unique experience reflective of our world's current atmosphere of brooding possibility.



The group has performed at countless venues throughout New York City and in June of 2012 released a well-received three-song EP available for free download online.  After further writing and touring in the coming seasons including the five boroughs and much of tri-sate area, the group released their highly anticipated self titled, full-length debut on November 20, 2015. It is available for streaming and download on the group’s Bandcamp page, as well as iTunes, CDBaby, GooglePlay, and a plethora of other vendors, with limited-edition CD’s (with one-of-a-kind) artwork and other great merchandise available at their Online Store.